The Komendunesi project was founded in 2019 in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum of the Comenduno Tower to create moments of commonality through music and culture. The Komendunesi festival is a part of this ongoing project that was born and continues to grow year after year thanks to the support of the Museum, a precious place for ethnographic, historical and social study.

The origins of the Komendunesi

Experiences and intuitions shape ideas, and that is how the Komendunesi festival came to life. The first inspiration arose in 2018 thanks to the Salzburg festival, a celebration of music and artistry made special by the heartfelt presence of the city not only as a scenography, but also as a protagonist full of life. Something very similar happens every year in Comenduno at the end of Summer. During the Celebration of Saint Alexander, you can sense a similar atmosphere of joy and closeness between people. The Komendunesi festival fits into this by bringing music and workshops in the middle of the Seriana Valley, to share experiences that invite new interpretations of the territory and its history.

The manifesto

Komendunesi is an experience that wishes to provoke and interpret old and new horizons through music.
Komendunesi is a place where diversity is a richness that dares to tell itself.
For the Komendunesi empathy, listening, respect for the past and for the earth are the keys to open the world.
For the Komendunesi, music is: the other half of a stable relationship full of joy, discoveries, frustrations; a means of expressing the speakable and the unspeakable; an invisible bridge that unites us and strengthens us thanks to our differences.
The Komendunesi speak European: Bergamasco, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, German.
To understand each other, we use English. To connect, we play together. To feel close, we meet in Comenduno.

Komendunesi with the K

Komendunesi are all the people who join the festival embracing the new dimension of Comenduno as a European melting pot. You and me, we are Komendunesi: people of different ages, origins and cultures united by common roots such as the bond with the territory and spirituality, the respect for nature, the passion for sports and the work & volunteering ethic. Our cultural project is an invitation to welcome others – to say benvenutə, willkommen, üdvözöljük, bienvenidos, witamy! – therefore we can only encourage you to join us and embrace the Komendunesi spirit with us. Why the K? Because it represents the spirit of the project: it is saboteur, youthful and international. In Komendunesi, tradition and innovation, past and future live in symbiosis.

Comenduno gets movin’

Dialects fit into the ethnographic vocation of the Komendunesi project because they are the most vivid expression of the territory and its history. Also, their melodies, sounds and cadences are so reminiscent of musical compositions! In the cultural proposal of the Komendunesi Festival, we enhance the Bergamo dialect by claiming its role as guardian and passer of the past. In the future evolution of the project, we will give space to many other Italian dialects to further expand the ethnographic research of the Tower Museum and to discover new territories, new stories and new insights into what has been and what will be.

Photo archive

Komendunesi festival was born in 2019 to give life to musical and cultural events in Comenduno (BG), in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum of the Tower.
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