Komendunesi Festival 

A week of music, meetings and discoveries in the Seriana valley

Comenduno (BG)
2 - 10 September, 2022

Welcome among the Komendunesi

Komendunesi is a cultural project born in 2019 to give life to musical and creative experiences in Comenduno, a small mountain town in the North of Italy. The Komendunesi festival is a part of this project we have founded to experiment new ways of making culture through creativity, provocation and curiosity.

Thanks to the participation of Italian and international artists, every year the Komendunesi festival transforms Comenduno in a melting pot of different languages, ideas and stories. The special blend of enchanted setting and an audience hungry for discovery is what makes the Komendunesi festival a truly unique experience.

Discover the festival

Located in the province of Bergamo, Comenduno is the soul of the Komendunesi festival. Its narrow and steep roads are surrounded by majestic yet welcoming mountains: during the Komendunesi festival the Seriana Valley hosts concerts, workshops and tastings. Surrounded by a constellation of trees, cozy on the grass, our audience is immersed in the magic, mystery and wonder that arises when music and nature meet.

Concerts of Early, Classical and Jazz music
Creative workshops for children and families

Tastings of local products such as cheese and wine
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Sostieni il progetto Komendunesi

2 - 10 settembre 2022


We can’t wait to answer them : )
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For info and requests fill out the form or write to stampa@komendunesi.com
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Patronage & Sponsors

Oratorio e Parrocchia di Comenduno, Gruppo sportivo Abele Marinelli, Banda di Albino, Federazione Campanari Bergamaschi, Associazione Cibo di ogni colore, Associazione Federica Albergoni ONLUS, Associazione Frutteto sociaale di Perola, Associazione Insieme per Piazzo, Marco Noris Artist, Fogliash Web Design

Komendunesi festival was born in 2019 to give life to musical and cultural events in Comenduno (BG), in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum of the Tower.
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