Project director
Marcello Conca was born in Bergamo and grew up in Comenduno. In 2015 he moved to Vienna to improve his music skills at the MUK (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien) and was very impressed by this city, which thrives on culture and demonstrates how music and art are synonymous of meeting and exchange. Driven by the desire to unite and weave lives, in 2018 he began organizing musical events. In this period the idea behind the Komendunesi festival, of which he is the director, took shape. More than an idea, an opportunity: to make Comenduno a place of dialogue thanks to the power of culture. Alongside his career as a baroque bassoonist, he works as Orchestermanager at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (Mdw).


Head of music production
After graduating in organ in Vicenza and studying architecture and modern literature, in 2013 Marco moves to Vienna to continue his studies at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst. Here, he obtains a master's degree in organ and falls in love with the city and its culture, he discovers the harpsichord, early music and gets involved in teaching. Over the years, the desire to convey emotions and to share music has encouraged him to organize a music festival in his hometown in the mountains of the Asiago plateau and to organize workshops, concert lessons and much more. The passion for ensemble music leads him to collaborate with choirs and orchestras, with whom he performs all around Europe. He becomes a member of the Komendunesi family starting from the 2022 edition.


Project co-head
Veronica is a Creative educator. At university, she followed her passion for the free and rebellious spirit of children by studying Educational Sciences. She then managed a co-presence service, alongside which she worked as a professional illustrator. In 2019 she launched her entrepreneurial activity: an artisan company, ArryDesign, for which she creates handmade educational wooden games for children. She employs the freedom that her work gives her to devote herself to projects she cares about, such as educational programs and workshops. She is the project manager of the Komendunesi festival. In particular, she is involved in the children workshops and in social media. In this project she brings along her enthusiasm and stubbornness of wanting to create something different, which goes beyond expectations.


Web & graphic designer
Francesca is a freelance graphic and web designer. After her studies in web design, she began her career at a communication agency in Milan, for which she created websites and e-commerce. At the same time, she took on multiple collaborations with independent publishing houses, for which she has created the graphic design of books. In 2021, she began a new adventure: she founded Fogliash, an eco-sustainable web design project through which she develops zero-impact websites. In addition, in 2021, she began her collaboration with the Komendunesi festival, a cultural project that she perceives as special and necessary. In particular, she is involved in the developing of the websites and in the production of all the promotional materials such as posters, flyers and books.


Head of communications
After graduating in Literature, Alice began her career as a copywriter in a cultural association in Milan, for which she took care of the digital and printed communication. Following an experience as PR & press officer, in 2019 she decided to leave everything behind and fly to Denmark. Here, she has participated alongside many young Europeans in a cultural volunteering project that has enriched her and opened her eyes to the beauty of diversity. Back in Italy, she resumed her career as a Content editor. Alice is the Head of communications of the Komendunesi festival. She has been involved in this adventure since 2021, after having accepted the challenge with the feeling of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.


Graphic designer
Born and raised in Comenduno, after his studies at the Brera Academy Marco moved to Tokyo, where he has worked as a video editor and motion graphic designer for a few years before moving back to Italy in 2022. He defines himself as a great lover of art, specifically of contemporary art. He ends up among the Komendunesi thanks to Marcello, who involves him in the project in 2018 in honor of their long-standing mutual esteem. For the Komendunesi festival he creates a new logo every year and contributes to the graphic identity of the project.


Gianmaria has been the president of the Association of the Ethnographic Museum of the Comenduno Tower since February 2021. In 2019, he was involved in organizing the events for the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Museum: the Komendunesi festival was an integral and surprising part of this beautiful week full of events. His main role is to coordinate and meet the practical (and non-practical) needs that arise in the organization of the festival.


Maurizio is a native of Comenduno, a dialect poet and a retired first-line trade unionist. Inside the Tower Museum he plays the role of provocateur and thinker. He and his poetry are raw and outspoken: they say things like they are. After his family and his poetry, his greatest passions are people and the flowers of his garden - which many define as heavenly - a passion he inherited from his grandmother Agnese. He was immediately involved in the Komendunesi project by Marcello. He calls it a project because Komendunesi is much more than a festival: it is a loving sympathetic experience between people, stories and the territory with a European profile and enormous evolutionary potential. Marcello often defines him as a "catalyst of ideas", because he collects, digests and then conceptually unwinds his artistic visions.


Diego is a native of Comenduno, he works as a clerk and has always been a great music lover. He has been collaborating for some years with the Tower Museum as a partner, because he believes that the knowledge of the past is essential to build the future. Hence his nickname: he feels like a "keeper" of what once was. He shares with the Komendunesi the desire to create bonds and to think of new ways of living the community. His role is to coordinate and meet the practical needs that arise in the organization and the communication of the festival.
Komendunesi festival was born in 2019 to give life to musical and cultural events in Comenduno (BG), in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum of the Tower.
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